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Success Story


Perfect Keto asked us to scale their paid Facebook advertising campaigns beyond the current levels that they were able to achieve on their own.


New Customers Created
in First 3 months


Increase in Monthly
Facebook Media Spend


Return on Ad Spend


Perfect Keto formulates and sells clean, keto-friendly products to help their customers enjoy and succeed at the ketogenic diet, and ultimately reach their health goals.

  • Headquarters: Austin, TX
  • Founded: 2016


Perfect Keto was founded in 2016, and when we got involved, the brand was growing and doing quite well. For an internal advertising operation of essentially one person, they were having a lot of initial success running Facebook paid media. Knowing that Facebook should scale to be their best performing direct response digital channel, they found that adding additional media dollars was difficult. At times, it seemed to be working, but it was too volatile and would quickly become unprofitable as they increased the spend.


Social Fulcrum ran a 29-point campaign inspection tool across everything Perfect Keto was doing in Facebook Ads Manager. Looking at creative, audience, account setup, and technical setup we quickly determined where the big opportunities for improvement were that we could tackle directly out of the gates.

Social Fulcrum typically finds the most opportunity in audience and creative, and this case was no exception. Following the audit, Social Fulcrum set up structured testing programs and modified and tagged existing creative assets to work with Perfect Keto’s analytics platform.

Within 10 days, campaigns went live. In month one alone, Social Fulcrum optimized the existing assets to perform profitably at 3x media spend.

Month two saw the introduction of many new creative assets. The difference here was that Social Fulcrum created a ton of variables to test within each creative, tagged each variable, and loaded everything into test cells for use by Perfect Keto’s statistical analytics tool. As data poured in, Social Fulcrum optimized, and again, was able to increase media spend while beating ROAS targets.

By the middle of the fourth month, high-performing video assets had been added, refined auto-rules to shift budgets based on performance were in place, an influencer UGC affiliate program was reaching huge audience scale, and international targeting plans were well in the works.

The Result

In just 4 months, Social Fulcrum was spending 10x in media and beating ROAS targets by more than 50%.