Client Delivery

Client Director (Executive Sponsor)

Every account has Client Director, responsible for the senior most strategic oversight, planning, and serving as the final escalation point. Client Directors set quarterly goals and monthly objectives, lead quarterly business review meetings with clients, and are ultimately accountability for hitting all performance targets (e.g. media spend/growth, ROAS, CPAs, etc.)

Client Lead

The person with whom our clients have the most interaction with. The Client Lead oversees everything that happens on a day-to-basis including: campaign-level decisions, status calls, project management, test plans, budget pacing, performance tracking, reporting, etc. On small to medium sized accounts, Client Leads can also play many of the support roles outlined below.

Client Support

Performance Analytics

  • Ad Operations quality control and coordination
  • Daily coordination with Data Operations
  • Daily test plan execution

Creative Strategy

  • Interface with client creative teams
  • Build and maintain quarterly creative roadmap
  • Bring new ideas forward

Project Management

  • Manage daily workflows between internal and client teams
  • Coordinate all campaign production tasks

There is always a Client Partner and a Client Lead on every account. However, depending on the size of the engagement, Client Support roles can either be separate individuals or can be played by the Client Lead

Agency Operation

Advertising Operations

Our dedicated Ad Operations team is responsible for executing all in-platform campaign optimization and management actions. Their single KPI is success rate. They use a verified quality assurance process that greatly minimizes human-based errors.

Creative Operations

Creative Services specializes in creative for the Facebook native environments and are responsible for creative strategy, production, speed to market, scale, testing, and employing best practices to optimize campaigns. The level of services is flexible based on client capacity/capability – from full ownership of creative to creative production augmentation.

Data & Software Operations

The Software team develops custom tools enabling unique data insights, giving Social Fulcrum its core competitive advantage. Leveraging the Facebook API, sophisticated tools are layered onto the Facebook platform, helping to achieve the highest performance results. The Data Operations team administers the cross-client data warehouse and client specific custom dashboards.

R&D Operations

Made up of the same Performance Analysts that work directly on client delivery teams, R&D tests their ideas using statistical methods against vast cross-client data to help improve the performance of campaigns. This team of highly trained specialists tests new ideas year round using a 2-week sprint process. Positive results are implemented across each client account.